Quickie law-Unions

While it sound like a law that allows unions to screw you in a quick like manner. It is just a change in the rules to allow people to choose to be represented by unions. While I despise the fact that unions are more worried about lobbying than representing their members. This seems like a return to their grassroots origins of increasing membership and strengthening union influence. Although, they can’t compete with corporate lobbying, unions have made their legal bribes payoff.

Well, maybe they are doing a quickie on managers caught with their pants down!

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5 Responses to Quickie law-Unions

  1. Speaking as a 15 year Union member it bewilders me how this is passed along as simple fact without exploration. As if a professor of business is the final word on all points. What’s simply stated as a choice to be represented is misleading. Any member of a union in a union shop environment has the right to become a conscientious objector and choose to refuse what your professor would see as exorbitant benefits. I have known of one objector, he did not refuse benefits he just wanted to get out of paying dues. The law you refer to is a tool to take away the basis of a union, which is unity! Lobbying is the way we voice our opinion to lawmakers, unlike corporations we don’t send high priced career lobbyists in our place we send our elected officials. I understand your misinformed hatred for unions. How about seeing what really drains a company’s wealth. How about rewarded mismanagement? Should you accept a bonus if your company is in the red? If you are trying to retain talent think about the level of talent at your company! Where is accountability at the corporate level? Why is the group of people that dream of retiring at a middle class lifestyle the enemy?

    • copaceticjam says:

      Thank you for the insight on the conscientious objector aspect of the membership. I have been made that tender offer of opting out of union dues, but it just did not seem right to reap the benefits of collective bargaining and not contribute. In regards to lobbying, it is admirable that your union sends elected officials that understand the needs of the working membership to lobby. Our union has paid employees that decide our fate and tend to side with management. They prefer to quell any discontent to concentrate on lobbying. Even our elected officials just go along with the expert union employees. The quickie law seems to empower unrepresented members to be able to unionize.
      I’m not a fan about the bonuses management gets for measures that reward unethical behavior. I just don’t think unions should become the parasites of employees so they can lobby politicians. They’re suppose to represent the worker and lobbying does very little for labor.

  2. Iber says:

    welcome to the 21st century. It’s all about the money!!!

  3. claudia says:

    thanx for this great insight

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